Friday, November 27, 2015

A Slice Of Our Day

 There are so many things to be thankful for but I think my most precious 'things' came for dinner today.  We were missing Trevor, Cassie, Ellis and Alaire because they got to make Thanksgiving memories with all the Oakes is Boston this year.  We will get to spend time with them in December for Christmas.

Proche and Isaiah were all smiles.  I think Isaiah has grown a few inches since I saw him last.

Pappy teaching Sam how to watch Sports Center on his first Thanksgiving!

Funny but Pappy usually looks like this when he watches Sports Center.

The dogs got to spend some quality time together outside while we were eating dinner.  They are such moochers.   Looks like Maddie had a good time rolling in something.  She just earned herself a little bath.

Bryce getting his carving lesson like he does every year.  Actually I think he is the taste tester.  

 Stick a fork in us I think we are done.

Aunt Sarah took Isaiah out to see The Girls.

I know...girlie pink chicken shoes don't really seem like something he should be wearing.  But none of the others were big enough...chicken shoes are a must.  You should have seen Sarah's.

 This is some serious business.

And look what he found in the nesting box...a green egg!

Uncle Bryce feelin' the love.


The official Sam's First Thanksgiving Family Photo.  I think he opened his eyes once.

I saw a picture posted on FB by one of my Lower Terrace families (Laura Dale, it was your picture) of a Blessings Tablecloth.  The idea is that each year whoever sits around your Thanksgiving table gets to sign the tablecloth with the things they are thankful for.  I used one of Mark's Mom's tablecloths that I inherited.  I think it is going to be something that I will cherish.  I will probably get it out for Christmas also.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Double Shift Today

Mark, Michael and I did a double pack today...meaning we packed in the morning, had lunch and packed in the afternoon.

Nice crisp morning for helping hands.
A Child's Hope International
Hands Against Hunger
2430 East Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH

I love it when I group has kids.  They are so much fun and I can talk to them and lots of them get it why they are here.  They love their jobs.  They want to do different jobs.  My first group was a family and some friends.  Two tables in competition.  That makes for a fast interesting morning.

a chicken powder, a dried vegetable mix, a cup of soy, and an overflowing cup of rice...that's what we like to call the 1,2,3,4.

The bags are then weighed, sealed and then pounded before being counted and packed.

Sometime little legs and hands get tired so the best station is decorating boxes.  I love this!

Michael's Builders Club from the junior high had a table.

Wanting to get it just right so he used the finger space method between the words.  Love this!  Takes me back.

This little angel has the sweetest heart.

These were Mark's kids...the cold trinkets at lunch time and raised over $600!  Way to go guys!

See I told you she had a sweet heart.

The morning pack... 
13 boxes
36 meals in each box 
and each meal feeds 6
total of 2,808 full bellies

After lunch of homemade vegetable soup and some of the best chicken salad that has ever gone in my mouth I had some time and decided to look at all the info on the walls.

I loved that we pack food for two of my favorite places, Appalachia and the Cincinnati area.

The afternoon pack was with a group of French students for a nearby high school.  They were GREAT!!!

The teacher even brought her own family and then some friends also.

And the junior high Builders Club was back!

The twins could do it all except they weren't old enough to run the sealer.  I am sure when they are old enough they will be back!

We reached our goals in both packed...first pack goal was 100,000 meals.  The second was 75,000.  Way to go teams!

After the packing is finished the cleaning up begins.  Michael has found his place to serve.

I love going to help for so many reasons.  Not only to help feed those that are hungry but I have made new friends and have been able to reconnect with some old friends.  It is just a feel good place all around!

If you are in the Cincinnati area you might consider checking out this organization and maybe volunteering a few hours of your time.  I guarantee you will get hooked!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sam Turns Two Months

I think this could be his stink eye!

His new tricks...he smiles.  Holds his head up like a champ.  Recognizes voices.  Has found his tongue..loves sticking it out.  According to Bryce he loves listening to Frankie Valli.

Maddie Moo Oakes Comes For Thanksgiving

Maddie's family hit the road Sunday evening bound for Boston!  Talk about a long rive...they have already finished 23 episodes of Punky Brewster!  Maddie gets to spend Thanksgiving with us!  Ella is excited about that.   A friend to play and snuggle with.

First midnight snack she had...and entire loaf of special bread from Miami Market.

I al so afraid that she might have a chicken snack one day by mistake that Cassie made me this sign to hang on the backdoor.  We have a system.  Early morning run for the dogs around 6:30am.  Then the girls get out for the rest of the day.  Just before dark they go in and the dogs have the yard for the rest of the night.  I'm probably not going to see too many eggs this week...really stressful for the girls.  And as a backup lock on the backdoor, I jammed a fire poker in the door so it won't open from inside or outside.

Wammy, I really didn't mean to eat the entire loaf of bread...but it was just soooo good!

See, I'm being a good dog now.  I just took Ella Bella for a run around the house.  Aren't you proud of me?

And I look after all the little yahoos you have running around here.

Oh how I love my job!

See, I'm being a good dog now.


Fall Court Of Honor

Yesterday afternoon we all gathered at Camp Friedlander for the Fall Court of Honor.  Beautiful cold day.  these are just a few of the shots I was able to get.

New Tenderfoot Scouts

Always need to smile and wait for the Mom shot.

New First Class Scouts

Newest Star Scouts

Our Eagle Scout, Connor Smith

Dad getting a shot.

Michael receiving his merit badges.

Wyatt and Michael have been in scouting since the beginning.

Michael's Den Leader from Cub Scouts in the blue, Mr. Arnett.  And Logan...another one of the Three Amigos that started this journey together...smiling for his shot.  Praying they finish as Eagle Scouts together.

Merit Badges

Environmental Science
Indian Lore
Wood Carving

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