Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ms Yvonne Came

My gardening buddy, best neighbor, WI buddy, respite care provider, good friend, and partner in crime came for a few days...for some R&R (which I never think happened.)

And she came bearing gifts.  An apple pie that is baked in a brown bag from The Elegant Farmer!

She made me a giant dragonfly for the backyard from old fan blades and the body is from the banister that at one time separated her dining room from the family room.

She found a bowling ball when she was cleaning out things.  I have always wanted a bowling ball ladybug!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sam Is Cracking Me Up

Happiest kid on earth!  Nine Months old.

Weighs 18 pounds 5 oz and 2 feet3.75 inches 'tall'.

And that head is in the 98th percentile.

He loves his puppies.  Can clap and crawl, but only in circles.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Father's Day

Seems like Father's Day was forever ago when actually it has only been 6 days.  But we have been CRAZY busy!

Got to church and look what they were passing out to all the dads.

I didn't gt a pic of the whole gang but there were nine of us that had lunch in FindlayMarket at Pho Lang Thang.

I even got to hold Sam for a minute.  It was hard to get him out of Pappy's arms.  And look who can hold his bottle now!

One of my new favorite ways to fix corn on the grill.

Pappy got a new grill!  Poor thing he had to grill his own dinner on Father's Day.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sam's Big Day

We joined the Martini family and friends in the basement of the church where Bryce and Tini were married to celebrate Sam's christening.

Godparents are Tini's brother and sister.

Tini's dad sis a scripture reading.

Best kid ever...didn't shed a tear.

Parents and Godparents.

The Martini's et al.  And there always has to be one...

And the Ellis (Oakes) side.

He is already the coolest kid on the block with his pimped out mobile.  It plays music!  Like real radio music.

Bryce calls it his pilgrim suit.

A little Wammy time.

Wammy/Sam kisses are the best.

And some Pappy love it good too!

My kids and grandkids minus Sarah.  Pretty darn good looking bunch!

Lil' Tykes Science Camp Day 5

The mad scientists earned their lab coats after an awesome week!

I was really risking it when I tried a new experiment.  Egg in  Jar.  I wanted so badly to a success.

And we waited...

...and waited...

Second try.

We saw a little movement.

Still so waiting...

...and then with a gush it worked!

Eruptions with Diet 7UP.

One of my all-time favorite with out a doubt science experiment.

 Sharp pencils poked into a bag of water.

No leakage.

Again a super success.

Take two on the experiment from yesterday...still a bust.  But it looked pretty.  We mixed white with red and got pink.  And this lead to a discussion of mixing colors.  A successful experiment after all.

Making a small volcano.

this was a ton of fun...dish detergent withs some powered jello and hot water.

Oops, sometimes you forget and suck in instead of blowing out.

They absorbed and walked.

Then I added a special clear liquid...bleach.  And look what happened!

We got to play in the sprinkles for a bit....with huge bubble wands.

And we sued an entire bucket of sidewalk chalk.

I love to chalk when the sidewalk is wet.  The colors just glide on and they are so vivid!

A big treat at the end of the day...freezie pops!

Fun camp!  Excited Campers!  Excellent assistants.  Give me a week and I'll be ready to go again!

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