Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Cousins Reunion

Well, at least that is what I am calling it.
In between hospital runs and cleaning up the little house we managed to make it to the reunion.  Funny thing...it was at my dad's place and he wasn't there because he was in the hospital.  But Wyngate was so nice about everything and we all had a good time.
Papaw was an honorary guest and his date was going to be Emmy.  He got her a beautiful corsage for the occasion.  But that didn't happen because he was also in the hospital.

We all brought something to eat.  Most everything was homemade except for my veggie tray that Walmart so beautifully supplied.

My oldest cousin, Mike, has been working on the family history.  He has found out we have relative that are clear back to the 1800.  Some of them a little questionable.  We were going to sit down and go through all the work that he had done.  But we never did make it to do that.  We did however sit around and tell old stories.

These are my two crazy aunts.  And they are holding up my dad's picture while he is laying in the hospital.

The whole kitten caboodle.

Aunt Judy and cousins, Kim and Sherry.

Aunt Dory with Mike and Bo (or Beau)

My sister, Robin, my dad and me.

My grandfather always lined us up in birth order.  So here we are...looking old!

Catch Up Blog

We aren't quite in our normal schedule (whatever that may be).  We've had some sick kiddos so numbers are down.  But it does make it nice that I can spend more time with them when we do art projects or crafts as they call them.
painting with Legos

making all the parts to an apple

And lunch is always an adventure!

And Then There Is Patient #2

We get the the hospital and go to the ER to find my sister and my dad.  He is staying at her house while they see cleaning up his place (long story for another blog post). He has been having trouble breathing all night but decided at 5AM he better go to the ER.  This is how I found him...

He hadn't slept much the night before and I am sure by the blanket over his eyes, he had a headache. 

We sat in the ER for hours waiting for them to decide what to do.  They finally admitted him.  Diagnosis nothing really new..sorta runs in the family.  Just need to get things back under control.

Did I happen to mention that these two are only four doors away from each other.  Not only did they live in houses four door apart just about the whole time the kids were growing up, they now live in a retirement community a floor apart.  And I bet that if I counted the rooms away from each other it would be four.
Peep gets his needed exercise by walking down the hall to Pap's room.  Pap gets his daily dose of entertainment from my dad and all his stories.  Those poor nurses what one doesn't think of the other does and then some.

I Don't Even Know Where To Begin...

...last weekend was a long one , let's just put it that way.  We went home for a 'cousins' reunion.  We ended up doing that and making several trips to the hospital...
We got a call from Mark's brother that his dad had fallen and broken is femur.  He needed surgery and was in the hospital.  That call came about 11:30 pm on Thursday night (I think). Mark left early Friday morning to be there for the surgery. Friday after everyone got home we headed for WV.  We planned on staying in the little house, 414,  (our house that Mark's parents lived in that we are selling)  We still needed to do a little cleaning out and had planned on doing that.  We had planned to stay there all weekend.  Once we got there and went in Mark and Emmy started to feel the effects of the dust.  Emmy found a Holiday Inn that accepted dogs.  We headed there.  All snuggled in and sleeping soundly and the fire alarm goes off around 2AM.  I can't find my shoes.  Mark is in his pj's walking in circles around the room.  The dog is freaking.  Michael thinks he needs to put on his clothes.  Emmy thinks we are all crazy and taking too long to get out of the building.  It is amazing some of the sights you see at 2AM! Get back to the room 45 minutes later to find my sister called saying my dad was in the ER can't get his breath.  Drive to 414 to drop off the dog.  Head to the hospital.  Some of these details might be a little askew because it is all a fog now.
Lisa and Terry were there to make sure things moved smoothly.  Can't say enough great things about the care that he is receiving at St. Mary's.  Helps that both Terry and Lisa work there.

The doctor decided to put four pins in the bone to keep things together.  There is a story about the surgical hat you see on his head.  I think his nurse might have been a little smitten.  I hear he also got a kiss on the forehead.

He's doing great.  Eating, drinking, doing all the things that you should be doing.

Hospital food is not his favorite.  Someone always makes sure that he has some soup beans and cornbread.

And then there was a little set back...he stopped breathing.  Rapid Response Team rushed in and saved the day.  Thank heavens Terry was with him when he stopped breathing.

Yesterday (Sunday) they had him up and walking.  He needs to get his sea legs back and get that heart pumping and build this oxygen back up.

He's a trooper for sure.   Model patient!  He will be there for a few more days then off to skilled nursing for a while until they feel he can do things on his own again.
I can tell you that the ladies (and the gents) at Wyngate miss him.  They are missing their driving lessons on his scooter.  And he misses them too.
He gets stronger every day.  Mark is still there running from 414 to Wyngate to the hospital and all points in between.  And this wjsut the beginning to our weekend.  Oh it gets better!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Add One More ToThe Mix

Our new friend, Swelly Ellie Belly.

Well that didn't take long.

I think she is going to fit in just fine!

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