Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Getting Ready For Winter

According to the Farmer's Almanac We are going to have a bad winter. I think I have figured out a way that we all won't get bored with all the things in the basement. Turn the garage into a play area. We will just need to bundle up a little!  We tried it out last week when it was raining.
Betsy's old port-a-crib that I am supposed to be fixing turns into a tent.

The art table comes inside covered with a plastic tablecloth.

A blockade is set up between Pappy's tools. all the garage stuff and the opened garage door so we have no rolling or walking escapees.

I think they like it!

Really like it!

Yep, I think we are ready!
Let the snow begin!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Don't Know That I Am Boy Scout Tough

Held every two years in the fall, Peterloon is the premier event of the Dan Beard Council.  The world's longest running Council Jamboree took its name from the Emery family farm where it was held annually from 1927 until 1956, when it became so large that it moved to Camp Lower Craig, also now called Cub Scout Adventure World, at the Dan Beard Scout Reservation near Loveland, Ohio. over 6,000 Scout Youths, Adult Scouters, Leaders, Volunteers, Parents, and Visitors attended Peterloon 2012 and a celebrated Scouitng's centennial together.  Our tradition of delivering the longest continually operating Camporee in the worldwide history of Scouting has been maintained and extended another two years.
And I have been able to go for the last two years.  It is a great weekend to spend with a great group of people.  Lots of time and hard work have gone into preparing and exciting weekend for the scouts and all involved with the scouts.
New to me this year, setting up camp in the rain.  Rain, lots of rain.  Mr. Rhorer and Mr. Smith took the trailers down on Thursday night and put up the big white dining area.  They are so smart!  In trying to keep everything dry, we set up all the tents under the tents and then very quickly moved them out into the field and put in the stakes.
We were able to have our cracker barrel dinner and then off to bed we went.  The coyotes were out.  I never heard then, I was out too.  Best nights sleep ever...but I may need to check into a wider mummy bag.  The one I used was just a little tight.  I stayed warm and dry.

Reveille got us up at 7AM with a one pot breakfast soon after that.

Nice little pinkie.  We must be having tea!

Out tent city for the weekend.  I think I heard someone say that our group was the second largest in attendance.  We had close to 50!

We had Webelo scouts as out guests.  They were so cute!  Really nice bunch of boys and adults.
How would you like to cook three meals and clean up three meals for that many people all weekend?  This is one of two weekends that the adults cook because there are so many awesome things for the scouts to do.

Senior Patrol Leader


'Mom to many scouts for the weekend'

Washing dishes
Learning the ropes.

Who would you guess to be the biggest kid in this picture?

And with all that rain comes LOTS and LOTS of mud!

Most interesting sleeping arrangements.

Shadow Patrol...has to be my favorite picture of the weekend!  My boys!
We found our Mr. Barringer.

There is so much to do and so much to see.

Can you see the rainbow?

Showed Mr. Red up bad!

Logan trying the Squeeze Box.

There were three boxes at different heights.  Pretty amazing.  Scouts were taking of belts and boots to be able to make it through the last one that was just about 6 inches high.

Then he tried the V Box.  Over and under while being timed. 

I think his time was 7.9 seconds.

The main area around 9AM.  Activities included...Gaga Ball, bucking bull, helicopter, Giant Croquet, Trolley and Stilt Races, Buckskin Games, Welding and Soldering, Paintball....

The boys worked on Lashings.

Wyatt working his magic!

How do you get a scout across a ravine?

This was so much fun...7 Way Tug-of-War!  Seven ropes in a wagon wheel held together by something I didn't see what.

Each person is given a gold ball to hold while they are pulling.  When you get close, you drop it in and let go of the rope.  When all of you seven balls are in the bucket you win.

We headed back to the campsite for lunch and a little down time.

Then we were back at it again.  this time Logan wanted to check out the 3D printer.  It was amazing.  And what was more amazing...Logan (the most quiet child I have ever known) talked the guy in the stripe shirt ear off about all this computer stuff I didn't know.  He would have stayed there all day long if he could have.  But the boys were patiently waiting to go make an eagle.
So this eagle...the coolest thing ever!  I wish we had done it on Saturday morning when we saw one because I think everyone in the camp wanted to make one.  We stood in line for almost 2 1/2 hours waiting our turn.  Time was running out so the boys decided that they would buy the kit and find someone to teach them to weld.  Just so happens we know someone.  Just hope he will be willing to take the boys on.

A little afternoon jam session.

After dinner clean-up begins.

My favorite...apple cobble in the dutch!

We also had peach and black forest.

Arena Show...front row, center...Thank you Mr. Arnett!
I'm telling you it was the best show ever!  So much energy and the boys were having a great time.  There were beach balls with glow sticks and glow stick flying through the air like crazy.  There were skits and jokes.  Special introductions and then came the music...

lots of loud music...you could feel the bass (it's all about the bass...) in your chest.  Michael holding his ears.  And Wyatt dancing like there was no tomorrow!
And then came the light show!  Crazy Awesome.  Everyone loved it!  I caught myself dancing around a few times...and that doesn't happen very often!

Another 7AM wake-up call by the bugler.

Pack up and breakdown camp after breakfast.

He just figured out today what we are Mellis's parents.  Now I am know to a few as Jellis (pronounced jealous) because that is what is says on my tote.

Cool shades made yesterday.

The man in the orange hat brought us donuts to go along with our breakfast this morning.  He delivered them to us.  Someone knows someone  in Middletown and they donated donuts for the camp.  How awesome is that!  Poor man couldn't eat his breakfast for the kids coming to him and thanking him.

Still cleaning out and packing up.

Mr. Cliffe just raises his tent and shakes it to get the water off.  You should see what he does with the rain fly.

Packing one of the trailers with our gear,  Good-bye Peterloon, see you in two years.  I heard several boys say that they couldn't wait until next time.  I'm in too boys.
Just a little info...according to my Fitbit since Friday morning to right now on Sunday night, I have taken 41,107 steps which equals 18.74 miles.  No wonder my legs are dragging and I am pooped.  But it is a good tired!  I'd do it all again next weekend if I could.  The boys are great.  The weekend was a blast.  And I finally got to help do some things around camp.  But I must say that this tired old body is looking forward to that bed tonight...after I finish the 9,000 loads of laundry.

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