Sunday, May 1, 2016

Serving In April

Back to the factory we go after a short vacation.

Most awesome team EVER.  Once I showed them how to do things they just took off.  It was hard for me to keep them supplied with product and bags.

Noses to the grindstone.

We had nine working the table instead of 10.  The guy on the end doubled up with the soy and the rice.

And here are my neighbors...they missed me by one table.

Matthew, best box boy ever!

115,128 meals total pack for the day.  
I have a new table record...27 boxes!!!  Take that all you double sealers.
No one reminded me to take off my hairnet.  Looking as good as I possibly could.

A Star Is Born

Spent the evening with the Johnson/Ellison families a Marli's Dance Recital.

This is my attempt at an artsy shot of the dance instructor instruction and her mom taking a photo.

Fun Friday Outside

In between bad days we play outside!  Today was a little rainy, sunny, name it. 

A little mud pay is always in order.

Or maybe I should say A LOT of mud play.

I have no clue what they were playing but it lasted for a long time.

We made foam butterflies.  Thanks SN for the kit.

Always have a bucket or two of chalk.

A little dirt never hurts.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Smoothie Type Of Day

We made smoothies today!

It was a hit with one.  One kinda likes it.  One, nowt at all.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Gruesome Twosome

We  got to spend some time outside this morning.  

Always posing for my camera.  She is a real pro!

Okay, so, she has a new game...Jump For The Clothesline.  I can't count the times she jumped today.

MadiMoo chased the chickens.  Well, maybe just one chicken, Sunny.  She is such a seet chicken.

Noodles here, caught her and picked her up before I had a chance to remind her how to pick her up.  It didn't last long thank heavens.

Then they followed her around the yard.

I think she should join the circus.

MadiMoo gave it a try.

A good try.

A really good, good try.

She really tried so hard to stand up and walk.

But int he end she opted for another camera shot.

Oh my gosh.  It is like seeing Madi and Marli all over again.

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