Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Almost Antique Ornaments

Keith has decided not to put up a tree this year. We are starting a new family tradition...Terry and Lisa's for Christmas. It will be hard for us without Katherine this year because we know how much she enjoyed when we were all together.  Last time Mark was home Keith gave him some of their original ornaments.  Mark guesses they are about 66 years old.

So I saw this thing on Pinterest where they hung ornaments on am old window.  Again, I think I nailed it.

Scout Shopping

Each year Mrs. Day gathers up the available scouts and some adults to go shopping for boys about the same ages of the scouts that go to their school from the Giving Tree.  The boys gather up all their dollars and cent...combine it...and divide it equally.  Then they are o stay within a budget and buy as many things on the list as possible.  It is fun to see how they shop and how they decide what sizes to buy.  We always have a good time and after shopping we gather to wrap the gifts and eat pizza.  I was so busy working with the boys that I never took my camera out of my bag.  I remembered about half way through the wrapping process.

Have you ever tried to sit back, on your hands under your legs and biting your tongue while watching boys wrap gifts?  Hardest thing I have ever done.

Builders Club Breakfast With Santa

Look who was in charge of selling tickets!  Our favorite Santa's helper.

We got there a few minutes before opening...tickets 1, 2, and 3.

Denise had her camera and got a few shots of my little man!



Ms Patty brought Caleb to play for a bit today.  He is a lover!

My Mommy Has The Flu

I got a distress call from Porche...she has the flu and needs someone to take the little man.  Oh shoot, I guess somebody has to do it!  Oh darn, it has to be me! 
Emmy and Pappy were on their way to shop and probably have lunch at some India Eatery when I gave him the distress call.  He was on it!  Don't have to ask us twice!

Me and my little man I deep conversation...something about playing my phone I think.  And I think not!

Our first selfie...I don't do slefies.  Maybe I should start. 

He played so hard with the girls that it took no time to fall asleep at nap time.  Oh, did I mention I had five under the age of 2 1/2?  They were great.  Lunch went really smooth!  Seriously. 
That night we went to the Junior High Band Concert to see the boys...you know scout friends and boys that come over but never sleep.  We don't know any girls.  He was great.  He sat on my lap and ate cheese crackers the entire time.  And on cue he clapped with everyone else.  The lady in front of us was a saint.  She didn't care if he kicked her or pulled her hair.  I was a sweaty mess when it was all over.  Then we went to dinner with the Arnett's.  He had no trouble falling asleep on Thursday night.

Another day with the yahoos in Wammyville.  He is the best.  And can I just say that he LOVES his Wammy!

Another selfie done all by himself.  I think his is better than mine.  I should take a lesson.

Lots of book reading...most of the time they were right side up.

It was Friday so you know what that means...tenting for nap time and f we go to sleep without a fuss when everyone gets up we get to turn on the TV until our parents come.  Love it that they all fell asleep rather quickly.  And maybe a little shut eye for me too under the big top.
Saturday morning we headed over to the Junior High to enjoy some pancakes with Santa sponsored by the Builders Club...Michael was there to great us and take our money.  We had tickets number one, two, and three.  After we finished out pancakes, sausage and applesauce the girls swooped him up and took him around to all the stations.  And he loved every minute of it.  He even made a Santa ornament.

He also tore up Jack when the girls weren't looking.  I bet I picked up 5,000 little googlie eyes!

Best Santa's little helper around.

I was shocked that he got on Santa's lap.  I guess no smile is better than screaming!
We had so much fun.  Now we are counting down the days until he comes for Christmas on Christmas Eve Eve.

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