Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Brings A Smile To My Face

I have almost weaned myself down to only three trips to the coops per day.  But how can you not want to go see what they have for you when this is what you find!

I love the colors!  And I am beginning to like eggs too.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sweet Pap Is Getting Better

It's hard not to be at home when something like this happens. We were just lucky that Mark has been able to be there and help all that he could.  A real learning experience for him because he doesn't do hospitals and such very well.  He was good to give me reports that I could pass on to the kids and other family members.  The pictures were just a little added bonus!

Sweet Pap had a hard little run in with the flu and pneumonia bug a few days back.  It hit him hard.  So hard that Mark had to call EMT to take him to the ER.

The days all run together for me but I think he was there for a little over a week.

His first walk in the hall was eventful for sure.  His oxygen level dipped pretty low so the nurses rushed him back to bed.  I think Mark said he then slept most of the day.

Second trip was better and uneventful.

Hospital food not his cup of some good KFC hit the spot.  Mark made a few food runs while he was there.

Now I really know he is on the mend!!!  And then came all the joking with the nursing staff and doctors.

Thumbs up for the return to his castle, where he most definitely is king!

See I told you king...king of the couch, king of the electric blanket, and king of the remote.
I'd say that we had a pretty close call with this one.  He came home with a walker, some oxygen and a fist full of prescriptions.  But you just can't keep a good man down!  Thanks to Terry and Lisa and all their doctor and nurse friends at St. Mary's, they were able to 'snatch him from the jaws of death.' (That's one of Terry's nursing inside joke)
If you would like to send this old bird a get well wish, please feel free to do that.
Keith Ellis
414 Lower Terrace
Huntington, WV 25705

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Warm + Sunny = OUTSIDE

Hey, somebody is turning off the lights

Me no wanna to walk to the wall.

Me and my shadow

Should have stuck some tissues in my pocket.

All by herself this year.

Big lip

You can't see me

It's not that warm just yet sister!

 You took them off, you put them back on!
Climbing the rock wall

creek jumping, stick gathering

Noodles got pockets

And she missed it all!

Monday, January 19, 2015

This Is Not Going To Be Pretty

It's a Monday...and I say that with a big smile on my face.  No school.  Wammyville closed.  PJ Day for sure.  And we are working with a skeleton crew around here today.  I have been wanting some homemade oatmeal cookies...the kind Mark's grandmother made. Oh well, I guess I will just have to settle for the ones on the back of the oatmeal box.
It is sad to have so much time on your hands!  Four kinds of oatmeal cookies from one recipe.  First we have the original oatmeal cookie.  Next batch I added a few chocolate chips.  Third batch made with some natural peanut butter...delicious.  Then I combined
 all the about to make the best ever chocolate chip peanut butter oatmeal cookies EVER!  Anyone want to wager as to how long these are going to last?

A Little Bump In The Road

Last week Mark's 90 years young Dad had a little health issue. It turned out to be some  pretty big issues.  He has been there since Wed but he is starting to perk up and move around.  He still has a ways to go so I thought with you help and encouragement, we could give him a little nudge in the right direction.

He up and moving in the room.

And I think hospital food agrees with him.  Yesterday he sat up on the side of the bed to eat for the first time.

Now here comes your about sending a little get well message.

Keith B. Ellis
co/ St. Mary's Medical Center
2900 1st Avenue
Huntington, WV 25702

It will thrill him to  no end!
Oh almost forgot...he is asking for no visitors because he doesn't want anyone else to get the flu.  Says it is the worst thing he has ever had.  Add pneumonia to that and I guess you would be pretty darn sick!
THIS REPORT JUST IN...Looks like he might be able to go home on Wednesday if he will get up and walk the halls.  And he will most likely have oxygen at home for awhile!
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