Saturday, July 25, 2015

Just A Little Outside Time WIth Ellis And Alaire

This is the look I get with the BB gun isn't working right.

This is what I see when it is.

And I know that the look you are seeing means she is up to something.

When the girls are out...

Maddie is locked in.  We don't want to take any chances!  We've had a couple of close calls.  Good thing she is an obedient dog.

Practicing on the oozing watermelon.

Annie Oakley rides again.

She does love her chicken.

And Sunny lets her rub her back as long as I am talking to her.

Lil' Tykes Science Under My Belt

Each week gets more and more fun.  I think I have finally worked out my jitters and I am getting really familiar with the supply closets!  This week it was Science Camp for 3-6 year olds.

I made lab coats from t-shirts for each of the scientists.  They were a big hit with most of them.

Each morning the campers signed themselves in with a buzz on their handprint while their adults signed them in officially.

Lots of experiments...Hopping Corn.

Magic Milk

Fizzy dough

Walking colors
We took turns making some of the best ice cream you ever ate!

Read all kinds of science related books.

Worked with magnets.

Painted with magnets and paperclips.

Lots of strawberry play dough.

Couldn't leave out shaving cream.

Everyone had a briefcase for all of their important papers.

We watched Skittles dissolve in water and then we painted with the water.  Smelled good enough to eat!

Colors started to move on the second day.

We made passports to the moon. 

Learned about the order of the planets.

Glued name rockets.

played in the Oobleck.

Astronauts have to eat.  We made chocolate pudding in a baggie.

In my element for the middle of a bunch of happy yahoos.

And then we got to eat our pudding from the bag!  Awesome!

Making worms with juicers and a garlic press.

We made a rainbow in a jar...really cool.

Painted by blowing through straws.

Painted with a pendulum.

Blew bubble snakes.

Had snack outside and a scavenger hunt.

Took a nature hike.

Made piles of sticks beside the tree so the Service Department wouldn't need to.

Had rocket launches.

Made Elephant Toothpaste which I would consider a half failure.  Back to the drawing board on that one.  Not every experiment is a success.

Watched a coffee filter absorb paint and make beautiful art work.

One of my all time favorite experiments...GAK.

This was the best experiment of the week for me...shoving pencils completely through a gallon size baggie filled with water.  It was so amazing I did it again when I got home for the family!  They didn't seem as impressed as my little scientists were.
You are wondering how it works...'Plastic bags are made out of polymers.  Polymers are long chains of molecules called monomers.  When you puncture the bag with a  pencil you are just separating the polymer chain not breaking it.  Long chins of molecules then move in and squeeze in tight preventing leakage.'

Kyle showed the campers how to make a 'rocket' from diet soda and Mentos.

He says it was the best one he has ever done.

Then we tried individual ones which were a complete failure. 

They didn't seem to mind.  They got a really cool bottle of pretty soda to shake around for awhile.

There were my ever dependable and excited lad assistants.  They were great!  We had Kyle to Keeper of The Keys and Mollie the seemed to be the forever go-getter.  I could not have done this week without their help.

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