Saturday, December 3, 2016

This Can Not Be Happening

It is 12:04 AM Michael turned 15 years old.  Not possible!

I got up at 5AM and made his favorite pot.
(hashbrowns, onions, green peppers, eggs, cheese, salt and pepper all combines in one pot and cooked to perfection)

We had to wait to have his celebratory dinner after TKD.  He wanted pizza and a white cake with white icing.  So that is what we had.

And Emmy knows him pretty well.  He loves a crusty bread with a soft center.  Breadsmith was a huge hit.

Betsy heard that he was saving to build his own forge so she added to his envelope.  I think this picture is so sweet.

And green is his favorite color.  And anything scouting is what he loves!

The cake was yummy.  I got a little carried away with the green sugar crystals.

Wow...not too much longer and he will be getting his temps!

Baby Jesus

We have the coolest Nativity.  It is all handpainted wood.  Mr. Bill, our next door neighbor gave it to me last year.  I love it because the yahoos can play with it and nothing is going to be broken.

The conversations are priceless.

And I am sure that the whole bunch of them, animals included will travel even farther that they every expected to travel.

Boom's Back

Oh, let the games begin.  I have a million posts on my Pinterest board.  It is going to be  a good year!

Long Lost Trains

Busy day of lots of things!

The girls found the trains.  It was like they had never seen them before.  Hours upon hours of track building.

King Louie Has Arrived

He's here! He's hre1  King Louie Is here!  Elli's little brother finally gets to play in Wammyville.  It is actually his second day, but my first day here with him.  And I am sooooo excited.  A baby to cuddle, smell and love on.  I'm going to love me some King Louie!  

First things first...a selfie or two with him.

Louie gets a little extra 'grandma love' from Betsy.

And he has some good taste in music..Buffett!  Seems to calm him right down.

Ahhh ya...haven't lost my touch!

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