Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Little Fun

Emmy and I were watching TV when I got a ding on my phone...and the rest is history...

Good and quick thinking Cassie.  We had a blast with it.  At one point I was laughing so hard I was crying.

Frist Trip To Kings Island

I don't do things that go round and round.  I don't do things that go up and down really fast.  I don't do King's Island.  I have always felt bad for my kids.  So when the Arnett's asked Michael to join them he was way past thrilled!  I was excited for him.  They left bright and early and I think they were there before the park opened.  I got update all during the day.  And this is part of the conversation we had in a text on their way home...
The first answer is to the question about which ride was his favorite. 
 He had a blast and is ready to go again...but there are certain things he will never do again, never ever!
He was home for about five minutes when I get a text from Matt asking if we wanted to join them for dinner.  Heck yea!

And this my friends is what you look like the day after KI and a morning when you forgot to take your allergy pill.

Sleepover With The Little Man

Isaiah came to spend the night!
First things first...dinner at Panera.  Porche took 'us' to dinner for Mother's Day.  Love it that holidays stretch out.

A little time in the basement playing with all the toys.  At least all the ones that make noise.

He LOVES the dog.  She loves him until he pulls her tail.  Which he did a few times and she turned around and told him all about it.  Didn't phase him at all.

It was so hot and muggy that we just got down and dirty to his diaper.  Loaded up with bug spray we hit the back yard.

Cutest thing on the planet.  I'm thinking he might have a chase of the runny nose.

Ella's face tells the whole story!  Looks like he might be way past due for a diaper change.

Who needs anything when you have a bucket of cold water.  He played in the bucket for about an hour.  The he got out and started throwing acorns in it.

blowing bubbles

He climbed out of the water and up into my arms.  Ahh, life as the Wammy could not be any better!

After a nap and Michael's return from KI, we joined the Arnett's for dinner at Chipotle.

Back home again and time to let the Girls out for their evening romp.

Auntie Em explaining the chickens to this little city boy.

He feed them with no problem.

Pancakes with Pappy at Cracker Barrel.  And yes, he calls Mark Pap.  For the life of me I have no idea why all the little ones say Pappy's name first.  Makes no sense to me at all.  I am the one that is with them most of the time.

Playing games with Pappy.

Such seriousness!

Even Uncle Michael was all hands on deck.

Checking on the chickens again.  Looking for more eggs.

 Looks like it might be time for a little nap with Wammy.  Nothing like some snuggling under a good worn quilt on the best sleeping couch in the house.  It was heavenly, just not long enough because Porche came to get him so Mark and I could get some serious work done in the backyard.  You know the kind where you need to use saws and stuff that it makes me nervous when little hands are in the area.
We are ready to take him back anytime!


Friday, August 29, 2014

Last Fun Friday Of August

Needed to drop something off in the neighborhood so we made a little adventure of it before it got so hot we couldn't stand to breath outside.

Today BEST buds!

Sometime our feet get a little tired and we need to ride.  And there were no complaints about seating arrangements.

We had to stop and see the chickens.  We didn't see them out at first but once we called for them they all came running as fast as they could come on those little legs.  One of the girls said that we should have brought them some treats.  We will be sure to next time.

The Chicken Church...built from pallets and screws and nails that were in the pallets.  I'd love to hear the whole story.  Maybe if I hear it I can write a blog about it here.

Tree hugger want-to-be

Lunch on the patio today on the new little table and chairs.  They loved it.  Need to make a matching tablecloth...maybe out of old red and blue bandannas.

Everyone was so hot and sticky from lunch that I literally had to hose them down!  And they loved it.  Squeals and laughing the entire time.  I love my new fence for the privacy it gives.

The end to a great day in Wammyville...everyone sleeping soundly and now I get to go read a bit.

Come On Over

You are really missing it if you aren't reading NottLottaFarm blog.  Lots of excitement and entertainment.

We are movin' on up!

And we are getting our new pretty feathers and nice red combs, beards and waddles.  Pretty soon (the end of Oct) we will be laying eggs.

Luke is my want-to-be-chicken-farmer-in-training.

Don't tell the yahoos, but at night we like to play on all the new stuff in Wammyville.

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