Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Day To Be Thankful

There's lots of things to be thankful for today.  One is that family can gather and eat...what we like to do best!  Didn't take one shot of any of the food, or our lovely table decorations (cough, cough), or the mess, but I did manage to get a few of my little buddy.

He loved Ella this time.  Last visit he was afraid of her.  Today all he wanted to do was kiss her.

Can't you just eat him up!

Porche is not a cold weather girl at all, no way.  But she did come out to gather the eggs.  Funny story, she also gathered the fake wooden eggs also.  Had no clue.  A farm girl she is not!

Isaiah loved the chicken too.  He chased Lucy and Alaire's ''lellow' around in the flower bed.  I couldn't catch her but I got Dixie.

He was a little standoffish at first.

Not too sure...

...but then a little poke...

...a little sizing her up...

...checking out her personal space...

...and then a quick grab!

Then he was on to bigger and better chickens.

He got bored with them when all they would do its run away.  Next best thing was to climb on the old bike.
So thankful that Emmy and Porche found each other on FB through an old friend who was eating at Eli's where Porche was working.  So thankful that she still fells like one of the family and that she lets us love on this little guy.  So thankful!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

He Loves My Girls

Everyday he was here it was a ran to see who was going to be the one to find the eggs in the nesting boxes.  And it didn't matter what the weather was...I think he was the winner.  He even knows where I keep their treats.  But he is a little bit crazy with his chicken sticks when herding them back into the run.  In time he will learn or I might just chase him around the yard with the chicken sticks!  He will be back in a few weeks and I have big plans for him and the chickens! Notta Lotta Farm is going to be real festive!
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

And The Birthday Finally Comes To An End

They saved the BEST 'till last!  We (10 of us and one friend of Katie Rupp's...long story) drove to Louisville, KY today to see a production of Newsies!  The Ellis family LOVES the Newsies.  Long standing tradition...we watch it each year to commemorate the move to Cincinnati the first time when the Napier family and the Ellis family went to the theater to see it on New Year's.

We sing the songs in the car when driving on vacation.   We sing and dance in Wammyville to the music. We talk about it all the time.  I wrote letters and tried to get the production company to come to luck  Then on my birthday they tell me we are going.  I didn't believe it at first!  If you know my family at all...they love to tease me and they drive me crazy!  I thought they were doing it to me again.  Then when I realized they were telling the truth...but you can't guess what I did...I cried.  And did a big old happy dance!  Newsies here I come!
Then today before we left I got a little worried that I wouldn't like it because it wasn't going to be the same as the movie.  They might leave out some of the songs.  They would add new stuff....Oh little did I know!
11 tickets!  Great seats!  We all were going.  Then Trevor had to stay in West Lafayette to work (you know he does that each Sunday) so we had an extra ticket.  One of Emmy's friends, Brooke, said that she would love to go.  But then this morning Emmy got a call from Brooke saying that she was too sick to go.  Plan it on FB for anyone wanting to go.  We posted and Katie Rupp (who just went to see it a few weeks ago) said she would ask around her friends in Louisville to see if there would be any takers.  Low and behold found someone.  We met a new friend Sarah.  She fit right in.  Funny story...Cassie knows Katie's mom for CO and I know Katie from at trip she made to Cincinnati once...I don't know Katie's mom and Cassie doesn't know Katie.  Little bit strange I'd say.  But fun!

 The Kentucky Center
We planned to arrive in plenty of time to eat lunch before the show.  We a little time to kill before the restaurant opened so we took a little walk.  Fun stuff to see and read.  Emmy and Sarah found this gentleman just smiling and sitting on a bench.

We love us some good Mexican!

Delicious food!  And the best was right across the street from The Kentucky Center.  I was too busy eating to get any pictures.

A few of us got to get some souvenirs  Love the Newsie hats!

Cassie posted this one FB and one of her college roommates commented back saying that she use to babysit the guy five spaces up from Alaire's head...Dan DeLuca.  We looked him up...he is Jack Kelly the leader of the Newsies!

The set was INCREDIABLE!

Photo bomb by Auntie Em.

Bryce and Tini after the show.
I must say that the show was great.  I sang!  I clapped my hands!  I danced in my seat!  I cried!  I laughed!  I listened to Bryce sing!  I grinned from ear to ear!  I loved it!  I could have seen it again and again and again!  I think I was the first one up for the standing ovation!  It was great!  I bought the t-shirt.  Mark bought me the bag.
Thanks fam for a great extended birthday!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fooling Around With The Grands

They were up before the chickens or the sun.  Alaire scared me to death in the dark.  I could have fallen down the stairs but she caught me.  Took ten years away from my life.

A little craft time for Alaire.

Ellis and I played out with the chickens, him with the snow.

So now, I'm blogging and doing laundry. Mark is at work. Ellis and Michael are playing video games.  Cassie is cooking and Emmy is napping.  Life is good for some of us.
Emmy won a we had to put it together for her.

Lazy Bums

Ellis and I ran to Dollar General (I love that place) and dumped the recycling...this is what we came home to find.

I had to use my Ninja skills to get this one.

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