Monday, February 8, 2016

Cake Auction

Our good friends, the Marks family from right up the street invited us to a fund raiser for Teen Challenge.  When Jen said it was a Cake auction I cleared my calendar!  YES!!!  Date night fun!

Didn't really know what to expect.  Saw a few familiar faces and lots of really good looking cakes!

We got there early.  Ready with our paddle and Mark's wallet!

This is just one table of cakes.

Theses mini cupcakes caught my eye.

But these buckeyes stole my heart!  They just had to come home with me.

A diaper cute!

Craziest Cake there was the first cake, can't remember what kind all I remember it was pretty and they girl that was being Vanna White and showing it off through the crowd was the baker.  It sold for $350.00.  Then the buyer turned around and resold it two more times for a grand total of $1,100.00.  There were a few that went that high and maybe even higher,  Cake Wars at it's best.  Not sure how much money was raised.  All I know is that I am marking y calendar for next year for sure!

There was also a silent auction.  Winner chicken dinner..well maybe not dinner but 30 chicken sandwiches will fit the bill!

And yes we did win the buckeyes.  Only problem...every time I walk by them they start screaming my name and I have to eat one to quiet them down.  I think I might be a few pounds heavier after this week.

Check out Teen Challenge on FB and their website.

We Had A Big Birthday

Somebody in Wammyville turned four on Saturday so we partied on Friday.

LucyLouWho brings us all joy.  Happy birthday.
Gosh now wonder what a four year old will do.  it is going to be amazing!

I Would Be Remiss...

...If I didn't share one of my favorite gifts of Christmas. We do a little thing called Homemade Christmas. Each person has a person and we make a gift for that person. This year Trevor had my name. Never did I dream he would think of this!

Our house in watercolors.  When I opened it Ellis said that when they pulled a picture of the house up on GoogleEarth you could see the yahoos playing in the driveway.

Wall space is a little limited after living in a house for ten years.  But I was able to find the perfect spot in the living room corner on the outhouse door!  I love it there...perfect spot!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Playing And Marble Painting Valentine Hearts

 The crazy weather has turned cold yet again!  So we are back inside playing and painting.
Noodles trying to teach me how to play Farm UNO.  I didn't do so well, had no boa to wear.

Looks like the Garden Of Eden around here. 

They did a really great job of keeping the ball in the box.

But somehow I ended up with paint from head to toe.

Someone found a paintbrush in the's a great paint brush!

Mark's Visit To WV

After going to the barber shop for a haircut and beard trim some potted meat and Ritz crackers were in order.

And then there was the fire of the ladies nuked some plastic...oops!

A little something on your belly puts a smile on your face.

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