Saturday, October 25, 2014

Birthday Weekend, The Big 600!

And what a weekend it has been.  Friday morning started out really early for Sarah and Michael...5AM!  Sarah came over with groceries in hand.  She and Michael fixed me breakfast!  My favorite, French toast.  Then Emmy had the day off and Cassie and her crew were here for the weekend.  Business as usual in Wammyville with birthday treats and a birthday crown.

Not everyone has three different kinds of birthday cakes!  The candles were a little Target shopping mishap I hear.

Ellis could be a snake wrangler.  We heard Ms. Renee squealing and saw her running across her backyard toward her back door, screaming snake, snake!!!

We ran over and saw a little snake.  Caught!

Then he went back for snake #2...which was just a bit bigger.

We took them to our house and put them in a minnow bucket.  But one slithered through a really small crack in the lid.  He was not too happy about that.

While Emmy and Cassie were cooking my birthday dinner, Ellis, Alaire, and I were getting things ready for a campfire.

We worked on this silly fence rail for ever.  But they loved it and that is all that mattered.  They were having the best time.

We picked up all the sticks in the yard and realized we didn't have enough wood so I called Ms. Renee and Mr. John said we could get wood from his woodpile.  I love my neighbors!.

Nothing better than a good campfire to finish up a great birthday!  You know that you only turn 600 once in a lifetime!

I am telling you, you think I am bad about checking for eggs...worse that me!! Times 10!

He tried so hard to catch one of the girls.  So hard that he closed himself and two of them in the run.  Still no luck.

Alaire likes them but just for a bit.

Trevor even got in on he action!

Then the crazy chicken showed up.  Alaire cracks me up.  She came out the backdoor squawking and flapping her little chicken wings for all she was worth.

The Pappy had her get up in his lap like the chickens do when you have treats for them.  Feeding her a little bit of corn so she will get that little extra layer of fat for the winter.

He finally got Susie!  With just a little help.

 We are now officially ready for Halloween.  Jack-O-Lanterns carved and pumpkin seeds cooked.

Ellis and Trevor had a double sided Broncos creation.


Michael's anvil.

Cassie and Alaire's traditional.

While everyone else was taking a nap, Ellis and Alaire were building a fire.  I was on the hammock with a quilt keeping a sharp eye on the fire prep.  Managed to talk them into using the spent hosta stems for 'firewood'.  Got some of the garden in the back cleaned out.  I'm no dummy.

Then it was time to let the snake go.  Ellis tried to talk his mom into taking it home.  Nope, no way...she had a little run in with a snake her brother had when she was younger.  That kids will NEVER have a snake in the house.

All jammed in the car and ready to head for Indiana.  Seems like they always end up going home with way more than they came with.   Maybe they should consider bringing the topper each know, just in case.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Moving Experience I'll Do Again

 My dear friend, Betsy, asked if I would like to go to the airport with her to pick up her husband and her son.  Well of course.  Little did I know that I would be hooked .  What an experience!

The Honor Flight Network program was conceived by Earl Morse, a physician assistant and Retired Air Force Captain. Earl wanted to honor the veterans he had taken care of for the past 27 years. After retiring from the Air Force in 1998, Earl was hired by the Department of Veterans Affairs to work in a small clinic in Springfield, Ohio. In May of 2004, the World War II Memorial was finally completed and dedicated in Washington, D.C. and quickly became the topic of discussion among his World War II veteran patients.

Earl repeatedly asked these veterans if they would ever travel out to visit THEIR memorial. Most felt that eventually, somehow, they would make it to D.C., perhaps with a family member or friend.

An idea is born!  CVG took it and ran as did the rest of the country.  We got there about 15 minutes before the plane was to arrive.

A crowd of about 500 people dressed in red, white, and blue...holding flags...and signs for their loved ones.  We talked to people around us and heard some pretty awesome stories.  one man had over 30 members of his family waiting.  Another carried a flag that was draped over the casket of a solider that had passed away two weeks before the flight.
Ruby, Betsy and I waited.  While we waited one of the coordinators made a statement that changed my night.  She said that some of these Heroes had never had a proper welcome home.  It was our chance to do that.  We were to clap for the first hero all the way to the last.  I was wondering how I was going to do that and take pics too.  Not to mention wipe my eyes.
We could hear the drums and then the bagpipes.  I think there were 80 on the flight and 30 of those were in wheelchairs.  Some of the Veterans in wheelchairs were crying.  Pretty many of the escorts were wiping tears.  At one point a Veteran of the Korean War hugged me and said 'these are all happy tears'.  I hugged him even tighter.  There was one Veteran from World War I that had on his uniform.  I lost it them totally.

And then our Hero saw us!  He was so shocked.  We were so proud!  I was living in a Hallmark commercial.

And another Hero from our church, Herman.

I loved these girls dressed in period costumes!  And Dewey was loving every minute!  He would still be there dancing!
Dewey and Richard, his oldest son, getting ready to join us.

We got to hear about there adventure all the way home.  And I have a strange feeling that Dewey is still telling stories to this minute!

This is only the beginning of the ceremony.  I decided that it was way more important to show my respect than to take pictures.  I am hooked!  The flights go out 5 times a year.  I plan to make the next five arrivals and take my family members with me.  It is definitely something to remember!

2014 Fall Court of Honor

Fall Court of Honor is where scouts receive their merit badges since Summer Camp.


Micahel was home with a fever so I got to receive his merit badges.

Geology, Railroading, Archery, and First Ads (Eagle Required)
Enjoy what the scouts did this year in the video that was played at the COH.

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