Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Weekend in West Virginia

Emmy and I went home to visit with the 'rents' last weekend.  Terry and Lisa came over for dinner.   All Papaw's favorites, beans, fried potatoes, cornbread and the best apple pie you ever put in your mouth.

 Mamaw loves Mandarin oranges.
90 years and still going strong...and rotten to the core!

I think she might be snoozing in her chair watching Show Boat.  She is supposed to be getting ready for breakfast.

Chef Keith fixes her a boiled egg (one of my eggs this morning), a waffle, orange juice and milk.  Breakfast fit for a queen.
I planted a chestnut tree in the backyard of the little house when we first moved in there in 1979.  It is a mosster today.  And Keith HATES it!  So being the good daughter-in-law that I am, I went out and raked up all the burs and got the big nuts that fell out while I was raking.  Emmy looked up a few recipes and maybe we will be trying one.  I have eaten them raw but never baked or over a campfire.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

School-Aged Yahoos

The Big Kids

Super Dooper Cooper

We have anew friend in Wammyville.  He is also my neighbor!  I get to have fun with him and learn lots of things.
He is always so excited when he get off the bus.

He is always full of questions

And he knows lots of answers too!

Sweet, sweet boy!

And a little bit funny too!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Ally-Wammy Day

Mondays are my 'day off'.  A day for cleaning up and getting things done.  Or sometimes a day of rest and relaxation.  I get Doodles on the bus and Cooper off the bus.  But today was a special day.  Ally got to come because she had no school and I had promised her for her birthday day that we would have a day just to ourselves for her gift from me.  She thought that was the greatest thing.  We both have been counting down the days.  She was my first Wammyville graduate.
I had told her that we would be cleaning and doing stuff like that.  She said that was okay.  But then she got to thinking about it and asked her mom if she thought I would have her picking up dog poop!  Nope, that is my lovely job.  She got to dust and spray Febreeze everywhere.  And she emptied trash cans.  Then we were off doing errands...the Dollar General, library, recycling, had to drop in on Pappy at work, the Post Office, and then finally to the Cincinnati Nature Center.  According to Ally Pally, she has never been on a hike.  Even though her dad takes her on nature hikes in the woods near their house.
But before anything else was done she got to collect eggs...well the egg.

She checked out everything new in the yard.  I think she likes it.

She must have told me 500 times that she loved me.  Makes this Wammy's heart happy.

The off to the Nature Center we went.

Selfie at our picnic lunch.

She was in charge of navigation.

Best quarter I ever for the turtles and the fish.

We'd love to know what this is.

Signing a trail journal.

Look at the size of that acorn!

Looks like someone is getting tired.

A really cool willow tree tunnel.

We had a great day!  Thinking this might be a great tradition to start...birthday outings with Wammy.
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