Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Jammed Packed Week

Ellis and Alaire came for a visit while their parents were with a bunch of crazy middle-schoolers at CIY at Cedarville.  I have Nature Camp with the township while they were here so Pappy was on deck.  This is just a small window as to what went on.

Auntie Em hooked them us for the Hyde Park Blast Race...on the hottest day of the year!

They came for a Reds game and Friday Night Fireworks.

At the mister with Pappy.

Ready for a ball!

A day at Coney!

Kings Island with Michael and Wyatt.  And Pappy as the chaperone.

With the assistance of my trusty helpers we were able to get 24 red boxes painted for my next camp...Big Trucks and Cool Vehicles.

Worn to a frazzle.

I found a new game to play on a hot day.

Note to self...fill the balloons clear up so they will burst when they hit the subject!

Ha, ha, Autie Em!

One of her favorite places.

 Second time for this movie for them.

 Photo bomb by Pappy.

Taking it all in while Michael and Wyatt take their TKD class.

A little work on NottaLottta.

Cooling off with some Paradise Ice.

We had a big week.  This only touches the surface.  There is never a dull moment, or a quiet one.  Sleeping in the tent during camp is probably not the best choice but for the grandkids I will sacrifice my body.  Love having them here.  Being the Wammy is the BEST!  They keep me young (and tired).  Can't wait until Sam is old enough to join in on the shenanigans.

Nature Camp...Day 5

The last day and wouldn't you now it...rain.  I was driving the truck because we needed the hose and it started pouring.  All my stuff was in he back of the truck.  It seemed like forever before I could turn into a place where I could jump out and put everything I could fit in front with me.  Oh well.

By the time I got to camp the rain had stopped.  But the sky still looked like it might have more rain to drop.  Didn't matter to us.  We have a plan in place that if it rains bad, lightenings...we go to the bathrooms and either wait it out or call it off.

No thunder or lightening in sight or hearing distance so what do you do but go sign in the rain!

And after that we decided to calm them down by eating snack and playing some quiet games.

It stops raining so we let the campers help with chalk clean-up.

How many preschoolers cam line up shoe to shoe around the tree?

Under the trees for a game of Duck, Duck, Goose.




TLC time with Mollie.

He ran out of his boot.

Popsicles on the porch.

This is the best crew ever.  They were up for everything I threw at them and they had a smile all week long.  We took a little spin around the parking lot to pick up the hose reel.  Told you they were up to anything.  I told them that they all had to come back next year!

This was a first for me at camp.  Caleb made goodie bags for all of us!  And we got a box of Buskin red, white, and blue cookies from one of the campers.  And the sweetest note.

Like I said before...Best camps ever!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Nature Camp...Day 4

Play dough with bugs and dinosaurs.  Looks great, feel,s great, smells but doesn't look so great under he tables smushed into the concrete.

He found a great hiding place.

It is great to be outside in the fresh air feeling the warm sun on your face!

I seriously have never seen a group of kids that love to run just for the heck of running.

We went on a Nature Scavenger Hunt.

And even got to play hide and seek.  Is Logan hiding?  Nope she is just a boundary marker.

We collected all kinds of nature to make our nature faces with.

And we didn't lose a thing.

One show on and one shoe off.  That's how we make tracks.

Hide and Seek for your snack.

The only time that you can hear yourself think is when they are eating snack.

Bet buds

 He might be a little hot.

Elliot working heard to roll a worm.

bug hunting

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